Business Doctor in Your Pocket


Aspiring entrepreneur working on your business plan?

New entrepreneur looking to narrow down your target audience and effectively market to your ideal client?

Working on new business strategies and want expert advice along the way?

Want to work with me 1-on-1 but missed out on snagging a spot?


Let me ask you a question and be honest: Does your business suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • Do you wonder where your next client is going to come from?
  • Are you overwhelmed and overworked with trivial activities?
  • Are you not focusing on high-yielding, revenue-producing activities?
  • Are you trading time for money and not earning your actual value?
  • Are you stuck in a state of famine or experiencing an income plateau?
  • Do you have the skill set but not an actual plan to scale your business rapidly?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it is time for a check-up sis! 


Now introducing on-demand communication with a business expert for your business unit!


Hey there Future Millionaire,

In case we have not met before, my name is Dr. Marissa Layton.
(I’m not the best at a lot of things, but I have mastered one thing, and that is business development)

I own and operate a global business management company called Next Level Consulting. I am a global corporate consultant, business analyst, business coach, and entrepreneur. Some of my past consulting clients include Chick-Fil-A, Atlanta Union Mission, Gwinnett Medical Center, and Coca-Cola.

As a consultant, I am accustomed to providing the blueprint, strategies, and solutions to the problems that companies face. As a coach I am accustomed to guiding clients through the challenges they face in business and equipping them with the tools to execute on their own. With this service, I’ve combined both coaching and consulting to provide the best experience possible for your business needs. 

Business Doctor in Your Pocket offers retainer services for those looking to have a business coach and consultant in their corner every step of the way. With this service, you will gain access to a private, personalized communication board featuring your monthly goals and objectives for that month. Any questions, comments, or concerns that arise submit on your board and within hours you will receive a detailed response. 


With Business Doctor in Your Pocket you get instant access to:

  • A unique service that is business coaching, consulting, and monthly retainer services all rolled in one
  • Immediate answers to your business questions
  • On the spot strategies and expert suggested tactics
  • Unlimited communication
  • Personalized business goals
  • Strategies catered to your business plan of action
  • Tips on effective business practices, marketing, financial planning, growth strategies, and more
  • Tools and resources for you to utilize to take your business to the Next Level


This is perfect for anyone that is independent and resourceful! If you have ever wanted to pick my brain, now is your chance! If you have ever wanted a successful serial entrepreneur in your corner, now is your chance! If you are ready to stretch yourself and take your business to the Next Level, now is your chance!


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Please note this is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at anytime.