About Dr. Layton

Dr. Marissa Layton, CEO Next Level Consulting

Dr. Marissa Layton is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and the Founder and CEO of Next Level Consulting. Dr. Layton and her team provide strategic solutions to multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies around the world who need assistance in strategic planning, leadership development, employee engagement, and operational effectiveness. 

As a global business manager, Dr. Layton missed out on the opportunity to work with small businesses. She started coaching and creating digital products as a way to service new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Dr. Layton utilizes her experiences as a consultant and serial entrepreneur to equip millennial women of color with the skills to transform their passion-filled idea to a purpose-filled and profitable business unit. Dr. Layton works with small business owners who are looking to increase clientele or profits, retain clients, and reduce employee turnover; or non-profit directors who are looking for strategic ways to make a greater impact in their community through their initiatives and programming.

In addition to business coaching and corporate consulting, Marissa is passionate about community engagement and enrichment. She serves on the executive team for an Atlanta based non-profit and helps to orchestrate their national program initiative. In addition, she creates leadership development content for students of all ages and enjoys any opportunity to encourage youth to strive for excellence.

One of Dr. Layton’s ultimate goals is to build more black and brown millennial millionaires through entrepreneurship. Marissa is committed to opening up more about her journey to help inspire and encourage others. She is an author of an eBook entitled, “How to Effectively Prioritize,” that showcases a system she created to better manage her goals after struggling with anxiety for years. Marissa believes everyone has a beautiful and unique story and encourages everyone to share theirs with the world around them.