Business Essentials Bundle

Business Essentials Bundle

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Are you a lost or confused new entrepreneur?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with tons of ideas but no idea where to start?

Are you looking to figure out ways to build passive income, reach your target market, or get a step by step guide for your business launch?

The Business Essentials Bundle is for you! The perfect bundle for you as a new or aspiring entrepreneur to discover your purpose, define your audience, create multiple streams of income, and so much more!

This bundle includes the following:

  • Breaking Down Your Goals: Learn how to properly and effectively break down your goals and create a plan of action for achieving your goals.
  • 7-day Affirmation for your Faith-Based Business: Entrepreneurship is NOT easy - throw in purpose and you will start to find yourself attacked from every which way! This 7-day affirmation includes a devotion, scripture, song, and prayer for each day that will keep you motivated and encouraged.
  • Passion + Purpose = Profit: Learn how to make money doing what you love. Discover your passion, step into your calling, and cultivate your profession.
  • Starting Your Business Checklist: The ultimate guide to the beginning stages of business.
  • Target Audience Questionnaire: 50 questions to help you focus on your ideal client; guaranteed to be one of the most in-depth customer avatar questionnaires you will ever experience.

5 digital products designed to elevate you and your business. Grab your business essentials today!

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